If you are here, means you want to know about us.
You checked our portfolio - so you know alraedy what we know to do.
You checked our prices - so you know what we offer. This page is about us as it is stated.
Go ahead. This page is updated regularly. And please, don't take it too serious.

Food we hate:

Instant coffee
Low-fat milk in all combinations (0%, 1%, 2%)
Low-fat whip cream (this we hate rigorously)
The “Organic” sign on any food (this we simply hate)
Chinese or Japanese dry soups in any packaging
Coca, Pepsi and all other colas
The institute called fast food
Continental breakfast almost in all hotels round the world

Words we hate:


Expressions We hate:

How are you today?
We appreciate your business (we hate this alot)
Your business is very important to us. Your estimated wait
time is ... (on call holds)
Room for milk?(Starbucks)

Machines we hate:

Answering machines when calling technical support
Answering machines when calling to your bank


In People we don't like:

Artistic explosions
Flash ideas

We don't like and specially underline:

Circus called presidential elections in any country
Musicians playing bad
Investment advisers (especially now)

In the office we hate alot:

Order on our desks
Printers out of paper
No pencils on our desks

What we like to do is:

Think, look, learn constantly.
Work 24/7/365 plus one extra day every four years.
We respect all our clients. We treat them as royals;
but we keep the right to refuse clients.
We never think "the client is always right".

What makes us different?

We use our hearts not only our brains.
We prefer style rather than standard.
We work for money, but not only.
We respect your budget.
If you came up to here, means you learned enough about us.

Don't judge us too strong. After all this is just a joke.

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